Dhoni turns ‘cheater’ as sons of Watson, Tahir sprint playfully

Dhoni turns ‘cheater’ as sons of Watson, Tahir sprint playfully
Who is the actual kid? The question was on everyone’s lips after Mahendra Singh Dhoni, lively and full of fun, joined the sons of Imran Tahir and Shane Watson for a playful run at the MA Chidambaram Stadium here.

While he rarely betrays emotions on the field regardless of the match situation, the story can often be different before and after a match. Dhoni was in a playful mood after Chennai Super Kings’ convincing win over Kings XI Punjab on Saturday evening.

In a video posted online by the franchise, the 37-year-old, after entering the frame from behind, is seen running alongside the boys, only to lift Tahir’s son and run back to the finishing line. “Junior Parasakthi Express and Junior Watto having a sprint face-off and a lightning joins them! Priceless!” CSK wrote on the team’s Twitter handle. Another tweet read: “Parasakthi Express picks wickets and runs! Thala picks Junior Parasakthi Express and runs!” — PTI

Source:- tribuneindia